Are coyote attacks on the rise in San Francisco? While Animal Care and Control has yet to confirm that assertion, District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee says they're spiking, and he wants city agencies to explain what they're going to do about it.

It's true that our urban coyotes have made headlines lately — from multiple attacks in Stern Grove (at least one of which was fatal) to what residents say are unprecedented numbers of the animals roaming the Haight, the Panhandle, and Pacific Heights.

As recently as Saturday, NBC Bay Area reports, Didi, a small mixed-breed dog was killed by a coyote while in his Balboa Terrace front yard.

"We really loved this dog," Didi's guardian, Jeff Macki, told NBC.

"She was the friendliest, most loving dog."

It was back in December, following the Stern Grove attacks, that Yee requested a hearing on SF's coyote situation — but the wheels of government grind slowly, and it's not until Thursday, March 24, that the Supes' Government Audit and Oversight Committee will call upon "the Department of Animal Care and Control, the Recreation and Park Department, and the Presidio Trust" to explain their plan to manage "the impact of coyotes in neighborhoods citywide," the meeting agenda states.

So far, it appears that ACC's main strategy is the posting of signs in areas where attacks have occurred, like near Didi's death. It's unclear what else city agencies can do, for as ACC spokesperson Deb Campbell told us back in 2014, "Relocation is illegal under CA State law. It is also inhumane. Lethal removal is ineffective and unethical since another coyote will simply take its place, often within weeks."

Well, "They've got to do something," Macki told NBC.

"We have a problem at Bernal Heights, Ingleside Terrace and Stern Grove. Something has got to be done. Our animals are in danger."

Hence Thursday's meeting, which NBC says is expected to be attended by a number of SF's dog-loving public.

"What's our city plan when people are getting nervous about it? Wait for something bad to happen? I'm not willing to do that," Yee said.

Thursday's meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. in SF's City Hall's Legislative Chamber (Room 250). The public is welcome to attend.

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