BART is experiencing a trackside maintenance problem on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line today that has led to systemwide delays, and BART is now warning passengers to possibly leave early — or stay at work late — to avoid a rush hour nightmare.

In particular, passengers on the Pittsburg-to-SFO line are going to see the most significant delays.


Train service has been suspended between North Concord/Martinez and Pittsburg/Bay Point stations and we anticipate that this service suspension will continue into the evening. Although BART's transit partners have contributed buses to a bus bridge that is connecting the two stations, BART passengers using the bus bridge should anticipate crowded buses and additional travel time.

Passengers on the Pittsburg/Bay Point to SFO line are encouraged, if possible, to avoid rush hour trains by either leaving early or staying late as trains on this line will be shorter and less frequent than full service.

You've been warned.

And too bad that Bart Perks program hasn't launched yet. No points for you!