It sure has been raining a lot lately, hasn't it? Well, for all of you feeling just a little too cooped up/soggy we have some good news: The National Weather Service predicts that this week is going to be a warm and sunny one — just in time to enjoy that extra hour of daylight.

Expect it to heat up through the week until Thursday, when the temperature is predicted to top out at 74 degrees. However, Friday through Sunday is no joke either, with temperatures expected to remain in the low 70's to high 60's. And you don't need to feel guilty about celebrating this stretch of sunny weather, as the Chronicle notes that this month downtown SF has already been on the receiving end of 5.65 inches of rain. That number is way above the average of 3.27 inches of rain for the entire month.

So now that the sun is here to stay (at least for the immediate future, anyway), this week presents the perfect opportunity to go lounge in Alamo Square Park before it closes starting in April for seven months. See you (and hopefully the above pictured doggies) there!

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