Artist Illma Gore has been, like many of us in the anti-Trump camp, amused by the ongoing joke about Donald Trump's penis size — spurned in part by John Oliver dredging up an old controversy, which Trump remains defensive about, when Spy Magazine referred to his having tiny hands back in the '90s. Trump was again publicly defensive about it in a debate, which is fairly mind-blowing for a presidential candidate to be doing, in a debate, but certainly not when it's Trump.

Gore did a marvelous original painting of a nude Trump with a micro-penis, or as she calls it, a "baby dick," uncensored NSFW version of which you can find here. It was subsequently shared a bunch on social media, and after she re-posted a censored version like the one above, on Facebook, she had her account suspended for three days and then has other subsequent outages of her Facebook due to violations of their terms of service. She remains locked out of her account.

She's protesting, however, because the censored version of her artwork shouldn't be considered a violation — not to mention it should be protected as political speech as well.

Gore, a self-proclaimed feminist artist based in LA, tells Motherboard, "I have not heard from Facebook, as of yet, I have reached out in regards to my freedom of speech. At this point I am randomly being banned over additional posts about my art work."

This is bullshit, right? The image is censored! And it's all the more hilarious and effective knowing how crazy this stuff makes Mr. Trump!

The original, uncensored artwork is currently up for auction on eBay by the way, with the current bid at $1,305.