Following all that stormy weather on Saturday, gusting winds and some significant rains Sunday night into Monday morning continued to muck things up, particularly for those who had to get from A to B in an automobile. Storm damage appears to have been relatively minimal, but some 50,000 people were without power at some point, and a few spots around the Bay got some seriously crazy amounts of water dumped on them, particularly Santa Cruz, where mudslides and a rushing San Lorenzo River caused some evacuations.

Some more wetness is expected Monday, but then we get a break until Thursday, when more rain will return, with more to follow still on Sunday. Below, a roundup of highlights from the last 24 hours.

  • A string of five large trees toppled onto Highway 92 east of Half Moon Bay, as ABC 7 reported, closing the road in both directions. It reopened as of around 4 a.m. this morning, according to KRON 4.
  • Flooding on the roadway caused problems on Highway 121 in Sonoma as well, west of Petaluma, per CBS 5.
  • Rainfall totals seem to be somewhat up for debate. The highest recorded for the last 24 hours was up in Venado near Guerneville, with 2.6 inches on Sunday into Monday, with Ben Lomond Mountain in Santa Cruz County a close second with 2.41 inches, per KRON 4.
  • Overall, most of the Bay Area got a quarter inch of rain over the weekend, according to CBS 5, with Sonoma and Santa Cruz Counties getting 11 inches in the past 72 hours. If you ask the Chronicle, however, downtown San Francisco got 2.37 inches over the weekend, parts of Marin got 7 inches, and the Santa Cruz/Monterey total was "more than 10 inches."
  • Also, that meant a lot of snow up around Tahoe: Three feet fell just overnight, and chain requirements were in effect for cars on Highway 50.
  • A high surf advisory is in effect through Tuesday, with some waves being recorded at 19 feet high.
  • In the good news column, per the Merc, San Francisco is now at 90 percent of normal for the rain season, which isn't over yet.

Let's go Miracle March!

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