Admirers of the female form in Las Vegas, Nevada will have something new to ogle in "Bliss Dance," a 40-foot tall sculpture wrought from 3,000 feet of stainless steel cable by Marco Cochrane for Burning Man in 2010. The work, modeled on the Bay Area-based singer and dancer Deja Solis, was removed from its temporary home on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay last May and has taken up residence at a new MGM Resorts complex, The Park, Las Vegas, on the west side of the town's famous Strip.

An MGM Resorts press release brought the news, reported on by the Chronicle and the website Vital Vegas, and installation began on February 29th. The giant lady is now complete, though the entertainment district doesn't officially cut the ribbon until April 4th.

Refurbished after years of harsh sea winds took their toll, the sculpture, weighing in at 7,500 pounds, is one in a series by Cochrane. Another can be found closer to San Francisco viewers at San Leandro BART. A third, showing a woman standing straight with palms out-turned, was shown on the playa last year.

Join us in welcoming Bliss Dance to the neighborhood.

Posted by Monte Carlo Resort & Casino- Las Vegas on Friday, March 4, 2016

“What I see missing in the world is an appreciation and respect for feminine energy and power that results when women are free and safe," said the artist. "It's obvious to me that feminine energy is being suppressed and that this must change." Keeping that energy going well into the night, Bliss Dance will be illuminated by 3,000 colored LED lights.

Bliss Dance

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bliss Dance! We can't wait to see you in person when The Park opens on the Las Vegas Strip in April.

Posted by M life on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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