Poor Marilyn Hartman. The 64-year-old serial airplane stowaway, who has succeeded in criss-crossing the country a couple times in recent years and been arrested or detained by police for it multiple times in SF, LA, Jacksonville, and Chicago, was arrested yet again two weeks ago at Chicago's O'Hare airport. She had previously been arrested there in 2015 trying to board a plane without a ticket, and the conditions of her probation, after her release in December, included that she had to stay away from the airport. But, for reason she can't explain herself, she couldn't stay away. This time, as KRON 4 reports, a judge has sentenced her to six months in a mental health facility in Chicago, after which presumably she will return to the nursing home where she'd been living since last year.

SF Mag did some digging into Hartman's past a year ago, but all they managed to conclude was that Hartman was estranged from all of her family and had been since about the 1970's. She was never married, and has perhaps suffered from mental illness most of her life, and at some point in 1985 she adopted the surname Hartman for unknown reasons, after being born Marilyn Stall.

She first came to SFist's attention two years ago after being detained and turned away at SFO four times trying to board planes without having a ticket, and then she succeeded in boarding a Southwest flight to L.A. at San Jose airport shortly thereafter. (This video, in which Hartman almost gleefully talks to reporters after that incident and says she's sorry for breaking the law, is especially worth watching.) She hasn't returned to the Bay Area since but her weird, circuitous, and inexhaustible plight has now become somewhat of a national obsession.

Chicagoist reported last week that Cook County Circuit Judge William Raines sounded pretty exasperated at having Marilyn in his courtroom again, wondering aloud, "How many times do we have to revisit this?" He said, prior to sentencing, "I gotta make sure in my mind that Ms. Hartman gets it that there's not many more chances left. So we can make this work. It's going to be a lot more restrictive. It's not going to be as easy."

Raines warned her this week that if she violates the law and returns to O'Hare again, she'll be sent to jail.

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