In what can only be interpreted as an attempt to cling to the past, Netflix has renewed '90s throwback Fuller House for a second season despite widespread critical ambivalence.

Sources to Variety confirmed the pickup, but because Netflix isn't forthcoming with its viewership numbers, it's unclear how much of a success the reboot of Full House has been in the five days since its release.

That's a fact that creator Jeff Franklin harps on in an interview with the outlet. “The only thing I’m going to miss," he said, referencing network television, "is knowing exactly how many people are watching this thing — cause Netflix isn’t going to tell me.”

Franklin also revealed that he'd been looking to extend his program for some time. “I was pitching to networks that ‘Full House’ reruns were beating every night … For some reason, a whole bunch of networks didn’t understand the hunger that was out there for this show. It was baffling me. Netflix finally stepped up, and that’s why it’s happening now.”

And Franklin says that with a second season, there's an added chance of seeing the erstwhile Michelle, played by at least one of the Olsen twins.

“I tried. We all tried to persuade them to come and play. They decided not to at this time. We’re hopeful at some point in the future, they may change their minds and reprise Michelle. We only need one of them!”

John Stamos, for one, is grateful to all you fans.

And Andrea Barber, a.k.a. Kimmy Gibbler, is jumping for joy that she has a career again.

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