If you're anything like deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs (and you just might be), then the City and County of San Francisco owes you some money.

The SFMTA posted a list of 200,000 names of folks who have overpaid or double-paid on their San Francisco parking tickets between 1995 and 2012. Steve Jobs' name appears on the list, and he's owed $174.

Anyone who's ever paid for a parking ticket should check this list ASAP because there's $6.1 million up for grabs and anyone on the list only has until March 3, 2016 to call dibs. So you need to get on this by Thursday, parking criminals.

The SFMTA website is unclear on how the estate of a dead person can get monies owed, but the State of California makes it easy! State Controller Betty Yee has way more than 6 million measly dollars up for claiming. You can search for yourself or your relative on the other side right here.