An Oakland family is suing the Oakland Police Department after a bizarre December incident allegedly involving two intoxicated OPD officers. The district attorney has yet to decide whether or not to file charges after what the family claims was an unprovoked assault by an off-duty member of the department — a man apparently so drunk that he didn't know where he was.

It all went down late one evening as Olga Cortez and her husband were preparing for bed, reports ABC 7. This nightly ritual was interrupted when someone began pounding on their front door and screaming obscenities. When they opened the door, the man — since identified as OPD officer Cullen Faeth — allegedly kicked Mr. Cortez in the stomach and grabbed the robed Mrs. Cortez, bringing her to the ground. A fight ensued, and another man was spotted nearby with what looked to be a gun.

The other man was apparently another off-duty police officer.

Speaking at a press conference with their attorney, Mrs. Cortez briefly described her interaction with Faeth.

"[Out] of nowhere he kind of faced my direction and then just walked towards me and jumped on me, and grabbed me really, really tight and we fell to the ground."

Faeth was arrested that night after on-duty officers arrived. According to KRON 4, twice later that night a total of eight police officers came back to the Cortez home to question the couple separately. It was only later that Mr. and Mrs. Cortez learned that the man who had attacked them was a police officer.

According to ABC 7, law enforcement confirmed that the two men had been at a party at a different home earlier in the night, and likely got the two houses confused.

In the suit, the family is demanding a thorough investigation and unspecified monetary damages.

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