Social media and advertising giant Facebook today rolled out its long-in-the-works update to one of its defining features: The "Like" button. After limited testing in select countries, Facebook settled on five new reaction buttons — love, haha, wow, sad, and angry — that will now accompany the familiar thumbs-up button. And no, sorry, there is still no "dislike" button.

The design process, notes Wired, began just over a year ago when Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg finally came to terms with an obvious truth: The "like" button is limiting (the additional choices, as Bloomberg suggested in January, might also have to do with advertiser demands for more nuanced data on Facebook users).

“Mark gathered a bunch of people in a room and was like, ‘hey we’ve been hearing this feedback from people for a really, really long time,’” Facebook product designer Julie Zhuo explained to the publication. After numerous iterations, the design team whittled the animated reactions down to the five popping up in your feed as of today.

To use the new reactions, hover your mouse over the "like" button and the new options will appear — if you're on mobile, simply tap and hold.

It is easy to image situations where the more-nuanced reactions will come in handy. Say, for instance, that your friend quit his or her job in order to pursue a career in Bikram yoga. Back in the day, you'd probably "like" the post announcing the news, or, if you were feeling bold, awkwardly ignore it. Well, no more! Now you can leave a "wow" reaction on the post and be done with it.

"Not every moment is a good moment," CNET reports Zuckerberg as observing last year. And now, thanks to the Zuck, we all have a neatly Facebook-approved manner in which to revel in all the subtlety life has to offer.


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