I'm a fan of San Francisco native Danny Glover, I can't lie! Between the impact the Lethal Weapon movies have had on my life* and the time Glover saved me when my pony tail got tangled in the works of a rowing machine at USF's Koret Fitness Center, I'm all for the guy. HOWEVER. He's an absolute curse when it comes to political movements and endorsements — and now he's tarred Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with his brush of doom.

Allow me to make my Glover Curse case:

2000: Glover rallies for Nader
What did we end up deciding about the 2000 election? Were Nader's vote numbers really enough to deny Al Gore the electoral votes necessary to become president? It was so long ago and I'm so lazy. But regardless of if you believe Nader voters were indirectly responsible for the subsequent eight years this country had of Bush or not, the fact remains that Glover endorsed, backed, and rallied for the independent candidate. Nader (and, depending on your beliefs, perhaps all of us) lost that one.

2011: The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center
Haight resident Glover was just dropping some shit off at the recycling center then located at the back of Kezar Stadium when he ended up speaking in support of the facility, which was slated to close to become a community garden. Saying that if the recycling center closed "It would be a tragedy. It would be a great loss to this city," Glover spoke in opposition to the controversial closure of the place. After a battle waged in the courtroom, City Hall, and the media, it closed in December, 2012. A victim of politics or the second to be felled by the Glover curse? We may never know.

A Message from Danny Glover about Prop I

Actor/Activist Danny Glover tells you why you should vote Yes on Props I and F

Posted by Save the Mission - Yes on Prop "I" Love the Mission on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
2015: Propositions F and I Third time's a charm (or a trend piece), that's what they say, right? But this might count as times three and four, as Glover spoke in support of both Proposition F (the one seeking regulation of Airbnb and its ilk) and Prop I (the Mission moratorium). Both lost. The Glover curse, killing two birds with one video!

And now, Bernie Sanders. Though Glover had mentioned his support for Sanders earlier this month, it doesn't seem like the curse really kicks in until Glover does an appearance for the then-doomed issue/candidate...which he did last night.

According to ABC, Glover introduced Sanders at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, Sunday, "his first side-by-side with the Vermont senator."

"It is amazing to know that you are building not only a movement, but you are building that movement on the stage of a presidential election," Glover said. "We have never had that opportunity before. We are going to change this country."

There's also a video of Glover's speech, which is certain to close the jinx's circle:

Sorry, Bernie. You can beat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, or racial segregation in Chicago, but you can't beat the Glover curse.

*can you say "diplomatic immunity" without adopting a South African accent? Me neither.