Hoverboards, the chosen transportation method of SantaConners and jerky rich guys, have gotten themselves a new foe: San Francisco State University president Leslie E. Wong.

The devices, which despite their name are more likely to burn your house down than to actually hover, were hit with a mandatory helmet law in California last month and have churned controversy after being officially OKed for use in our fine state's bike lanes. But none of the item's many issues will be a problem at SF State, as they have banned the items this week.

According to the SF State student newspaper the Golden Gate Xpress, last Thursday Wong announced that in a meeting that "safety is his top priority and that banning hoverboards will help ensure students’ safety."

In an email sent Monday, director of student housing and conference program Philippe Cumia announced that as part of a "change in the housing license agreement," the devices are now banned on SF State's campus grounds.

Other items banned for use on SF State's campus include air soft guns and rifles, firearms, ammunition, explosives, firecrackers, hunting knives, and "dangerous chemicals."

The ban is effective immediately, the Xpress reports.

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