Men were objectified, shirts were removed and money was raised for Planned Parenthood when San Francisco’s top female comedians ganged up for Friday night’s Eligible Feminist Bachelor Auction comedy event at The Convent. Four up-and-coming comics hostessed a raucous “Enter the Matriarchy” Valentine’s bachelor auction where men were sold off to the highest bidders in between comedy sets by Kate Willett and Rachel Lark, with all auction proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. SFist was on hand to get exclusive video of the bachelor auctioning and dirty stand-up comedy about the lamest aspects of dating straight men in San Francisco.

Here we see a feminist dudebro strip to his skivvies in order to drive up his auction price. He begins the bidding on himself at 77 cents, a symbolic gesture toward the lesser amount that women are paid compared to male wage dollars. Each of the auctionees was required to prove his feminist credentials before being auctioned.

“I always put both toilet seats down,” said another feminist bachelor. “That way everybody has to lift something.”

The female comics were the main attraction, though, with their quips, barbs and zingers about the hardships of contemporary dating. “I always feel like it’s weird when a guy has no appreciation for the time I spend justifying him to my friends,” Kate Willett said.

The crowd was treated to the world premiere of the new Rachel Lark song “It’s Hard to be a Feminist and Still Want Dick”, video of which can be seen above. Other performances featured female comics Allison Mick, Kristee Ono and Samantha Gilweit.

The event raised hundreds of dollars in donations for Planned Parenthood, and raised awareness of the irritations and challenges women face in the modern-day dating scene. “A woman may be our next president,” Ms. Willett said, “But we’re not going to be truly equal until I can pass out at more places.”