The Centers for Disease Control yesterday confirmed a case of the Zika virus in Yolo County, California. Zika, as you must know by now, is the terrifying virus that has rapidly spread through Brazil and has corresponded to a spike in microcephaly — a condition which leads to smaller heads and brain damage in babies.

The virus is mainly transmitted via mosquitoes.

Health officials in Yolo County were quick to reassure worried residents, reports ABC 7, noting that the infected resident got the virus after traveling outside of the United States. Of the 66 cases of Zika to have popped up in the US, the channel informs us, all but one were a result of an infection picked up outside of the country (the one exception was a case of sexually transmitted Zika in Texas).

KRON 4 notes
that the symptoms of Zika "include fever, rash, joint pain, and red, itchy eyes."

Officials think that this is the sixth California resident to become infected with the virus, notes the Chronicle. The paper also reported that the infected resident is not pregnant, and is feeling better.

The symptoms associated with Zika tend to pass within a week.

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