An apparent hit-and-run road rage collision between a car and a cyclist this morning left the cyclist injured and bloody, as SFist tipster Devin Wilson tells us. Wilson tells us this happened at 10:39 a.m. outside the San Francisco Art Institute at 800 Chestnut Street, and after striking the cyclist, knocking him off the bike, and getting the bicycle caught under the vehicle, the male driver proceeded to drag the bicycle to the corner of Chestnut and Jones.*

"I heard the car dragging the bike from my classroom at the corner of Chestnut and Jones, and heard the cyclist screaming," Wilson says. Paramedics arrived on the scene and the injured cyclist appeared "to be sitting up, but his leg was bleeding."

A witness standing nearby reported seeing a "newish black sedan, with a white-skinned guy driving it."

Wilson says that the car continued east on Chestnut "with the bike under it, leaving a long scratch mark, and turned south on Jones."

The white scratch mark is visible in the photo above, leading to where the cyclist was found.

Anyone with further information about the driver of the sedan should call the SFPD's anonymous tip line at 415- 575-4444 or text them a tip at TIP411, and remember to begin your message with "SFPD."

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* This story has been corrected to clarify that the bicycle, but not the cyclist, was dragged by the car.