Has cupid struck this year? Or has he struck out? Well, depending on your particular level of commitment or lonesome despair, here are a few things you might enjoy doing this Valentine's Day. All events are on February 14th, which as fate would have it falls on a nice, low key Sunday. You could always just go to church, you know?

Taken: You and your significant other have been seeing each other for some time, so isn't it time you saw something else, like a nice view? Peruse this list of romantic destinations with views we've compiled for this and all similar occasions.

Taken and Naked: Enjoy some couple's nudity on Sunday at the spa with a Valentine's Day special. Archimedes Banya, which offers a love birds' special, are also among SFist's 11 best spas, a list you might want to consult in general for your spa day needs. Archimedes Banya, 748 Innes Avenue, Basic Passes start at $42

Somewhat Taken: Your best chance at taking this romance to the next level? Exactly! I was thinking the same thing! A Lady and the Tramp reenactment with spaghetti Sunday at Capo's, Tony Gemignani's Chicago pizza spot in North Beach. As you'll see, they're making it relatively affordable at just $50 with a glass of wine included. Capo's, 641 Vallejo Street, 5 - 10 p.m.

Uncomfortably Sober and Alone: We can fix half of this right away with SFist's list of the city's best dive bars. Tell 'em we sent you, and expect a gruff nod and/or a quizzical look. That's the sign we worked out with them in advance.

Decrepit and Alone: Consult SFist's list of the best old man bars. These spots, from Aunt Charlie's to Clooney's, are fit for old men of any age or gender.

Gay and Alone: Hosted by their softball team, SF Eagle's Valentine Beer Bust is sure to be anything but. The competition to find someone may be fierce, but in the end, most everyone at the Eagle is batting for the same team. SF Eagle, 398 12th Street, 3 - 6 p.m.

Alone with Popcorn: If all you need is a bit of darkness and some cool films, Indiefest is your knight in shining armor. Check out a screening of SF Indifest's shorts, "Don't Get All Mushy On Me." Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St. 2:15 p.m. $12