She's just like the rest of us!

Does anyone recognize this modern looking Airbnb rental home where Beyoncé, and presumably Jay Z, spent their Super Bowl weekend in the Bay Area?

Beyoncé was also kind enough to do a shilling for Airbnb via Facebook, which I'm sure they're pleased about.

It was a Super weekend Airbnb

Posted by Beyoncé on Monday, February 8, 2016

For potential identification purposes, so that we can recommend it to our baller friends who want to sleep where Beyoncé once slept, below is an enlargeable version of the full photo, which shows just the outlines of a very nice outdoor patio area.

Update: It's in Los Altos as Curbed finds out. And they surmise, probably correctly, that her plug on Facebook was likely due to the fact that Airbnb footed the bill for this $10K per night rental. So, no, she's not like the rest of us.

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Here concludes our coverage of Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, I promise.

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