Let's see...we had a Super Bowl sign that announced "Lee Robs" at the Palace of Fine Arts, one that said "Sup Bro" at City Hall, and Alamo Square had to give up on one reading "Superb Owl" that when toppled, became "Oops."

And now, according to SFist tipster Mike Gaitley, we have "Up R Bowel" on Twin Peaks which, yes, the event kind of is. And again I repeat my query: Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make these things with letters that could be easily removed and rearranged? And, not to Monday morning quarterback (to put it in Super Bowl parlance), but maybe if organizers had paid permitting fees and all those other bills the event will rack up these signs would have gone unmolested. Or maybe, like I said before, this whole thing is just cursed.

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