This is one of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen.This is a turkey going through security at SFO last week.This...

Posted by Frank Somerville KTVU on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Frank Somerville is not just an anchor over at KTVU, he's a prolific Facebook user who recently started republishing some of that wit and wisdom on the pages of SF Gate. Some of my recent favorites of his have been his defense of his hair plugs, his concerns about a man lying on the floor of BART, and a response to folks who got shitty when he braided his daughter's hair. And today, Frank brings us something new to contend with: The jet-setting emotional support turkey.

According to Somerville, the turkey you see above went through security at San Francisco International Airport last week after flying with a woman who uses the bird as "a comfort animal," following her husband's death.

Somerville says she sleeps and flies (commercially, though we know turkeys can indeed fly without mechanical assistance) with it, noting that "Once on board the animal can't walk through the cabin. It also can't block the aisles or take up seats near emergency exits."

The nonjudgemental Somerville is ready for all you haters, saying that "It would be easy here to make fun of the woman... But I’ve seen enough things in my lifetime to realize that what may seem bizarre to me, is perfectly normal for someone else."

But...a turkey? Does that make me sound speciest? It does, doesn't it? Sorry, guys, I'll try to do better.

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