People trying to get back to the Bay Area from Tahoe on Sunday afternoon may have been stuck in a massive, chain-reaction pileup of big rigs and cars on I-80 near Truckee which happened around 4 p.m. As the Chronicle reports, there were thankfully no injuries among all the collisions, which were the result of icy, snowy roads. I-80 was closed for several hours as a result, and then remained slow for the remainder of the evening once it reopened, and chain rules were in effect.

The first collisions that led to the chain reaction of spinouts and smashups occurred near Hirschdale Road, not far from the Nevada state line.

A friend of SFist avoided the area because of traffic reports, and took a bypass route through Donner Pass Road on the way back to the city, but still the usual three and a half hour commute back to SF took more like five and a half hours.

This is what happens when real snow returns!

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