Panthers quarterback Cam Newton puts his pants on just like the rest of us: One leg at a time. But there's a noticeable difference, in that his preferred bottoms are an $849 Versace number with gilded zebra stripes.

At least that's what he sported when deplaning in the Bay Area Sunday in anticipation of Super Bowl 50, serving realness to local and national media onlookers. As the pants in question are nothing short of fire, they've sparked so-called "hot takes" everywhere from ESPN, who see them as a harbinger of victory, to the Associated Press, who politely reserved judgment.

The fashionistas at inform us that the player's pre-game armor is a pair of Versace Yellow Barocco Zebraprint pants, retailing for just under $900, and those familiar with Newtons' bold style on and off the field are likely unsurprised by the wardrobe choice.

"For Cam to make such a bold statement with his pants," Mark Anthony Green of GQ told ESPN, "we'll have to see in the game — but he might walk in there with supreme confidence that this show might not really be getting to him. You don't really wear pants like that if you're having a bashful moment."

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Newton and the Panthers take on the Broncos this Sunday in Santa Clara. Rival quarterback Peyton Manning, who is boring, wore boring clothing.

Cool pants enthusiast Kanye West has not yet responded to SFist's request for comment.

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