In her newly released docu-series on Netflix, Chelsea Does, comedian Chelsea Handler tried to get a meeting with then Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, only she walked into the Twitter building topless in order to make a point about sexism and our country's prudishness around nudity.

This all happens in one of the five episodes of the series, "Chelsea Does Silicon Valley," and the stunt was actually shot in SF last May, and at the time Handler said, "You can walk down the street topless in San Francisco. I know because I did it. It's not comfortable."

It's true that under SF's nudity ban of 2012, bare butts and bare breasts are perfectly fine still, since it was really only geared toward shielding us all from the unwanted sight of genitals.

Handler is a big fan of taking her top off, in fact, so she took advantage of SF's lenience. Last July she was photographed waterskiing without a top on [link NSFW], and before that she'd gotten into a fight with Instagram over a side-by-side photo she took of herself riding a horse without a top in, in imitation of Vladimir Putin in 2014. Twitter allowed her to show the topless shot, and thus she wanted to walk around the Twitter building and talk to Costolo similarly topless.

As Business Insider notes, Costolo wasn't that cool with meeting Chelsea so unclothed. "So I took my top off, walked into the building, and waited for him on the balcony," Handler explains. "He said, ‘You need to put your shirt on before I come outside.'"

Costolo clearly doesn't have an instinct for viral self-promotion, or he totally would have taken that photo op.

Handler's series is now available on Netflix, and it has her exploring different topics with a humorous bent in each episode, including marriage, drugs, and racism.