The open-air drug market that is UN Plaza just got a bit less druggy after a joint task force consisting of the SFPD, Alameda County Narcotics Task Force, and the DEA made 48 arrests in connection with a Honduran-led drug ring. So if you were headed there for your Oxy today, you might be out of luck.

As ABC 7 exclusively reports, many of the men were living together in 11 homes, primarily in the East Bay, and traveling by BART to Civic Center to sell their wares each day.

From anecdotal knowledge of the area (I lived a half block away for over six years), I can tell you that where the CVS now is at 7th and Market, near that BART entrance, was always a pill corner, and harder drugs could be found across the street, around Carl's Jr. The police report shows seizures of quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, OxyContin, and benzos, along with $75,000 in cash, and some handguns.

Police responded to increasing complaints from residents and workers in the area, according to ABC 7, although, again, from personal experience, the fact of drug dealing in the area dates back a couple decades. The volume and frequency of the deals had, allegedly, gotten worse recently.

One area "regular" told the station that he'd gotten used to seeing a lot of drug dealers loitering around the top of the BART station escalator, and suddenly they disappeared.

Apparently the arrests have been ongoing over the last three weeks, and took place largely out of sight, at these East Bay residences — complete with reports that "people were literally jumping out the windows" when authorities descended. The ring is said to have been being led by illegal immigrants from Honduras. Police say more arrests are still to come.

The investigation involved surveilling men who were conducting deals in the area, which has become known for open drug dealing with impunity for a very long time.

But, perhaps more importantly, among the 48 arrests were two men suspected of murder, as well.