A state of emergency has been issued in Pacifica due to pounding waves that pose a threat private and public property. A high-surf advisory is also in effect until 10 p.m. tonight.

"It's a series of issues, none of which is truly catastrophic, but when you take them together, they are clearly outpacing what the city can do to respond, which is why I declared a state of emergency," Pacifica city manager Lorie Tinfow told ABC 7. "We still have a month or so of weather, and we can't predict what can happen looking ahead." Skycam footage caught by ABC showed just how perilous the homes are along the bluffs in Pacifica, and a damaged sea wall.

CBS SF reports that the owners of properties along Esplanade Avenue and Palmetto Avenue were notified recently that their structures were not safe to inhabit because of the danger posed by the eroding cliffs.

"We hope all property owners along the city's coastline are aware of how fluid the weather situation is and take appropriate precautions," Tinfow told NBC.

KRON reports one Pacifica backyard overlooking the ocean was completely destroyed due to the cliff crumbling beneath it. One witness said the "whole backyard fell down to the ocean floor, tree and all." When asked if she was surprised, the witness said, no, and that "people shouldn't even be developing on this land. Mother Nature's going to take it away eventually."

It's been a rough winter for Pacifica. The Pacifica Pier was closed earlier this month after being threatened by waves that reached up to 20-feet in height. That particular storm also led to the enormous sinkhole that stretched along Beach Boulevard.

In the meantime, crews have been placing boulders at the bottom the cliffs along Beach Boulevard in an effort to stop sea water from reaching the delicate soil. But it's not enough, and Tinfow emphasized the need for State and Federal assistance to help repair the infrastructure.