According to KRON4, a "March to reclaim MILK's radical legacy" organized by the Anti Police-Terror Project that began at Frank Ogawa Plaza located on 14th St. and Broadway built in momentum and was able to stop westbound traffic on a section of the Bay Bridge.

According to the Chronicle, protestors drove cars themselves onto the road, stopping them in place and stringing chain between them, with chains wrapped around individuals at either end.

The demands of the group, according to a Facebook event post, are "the resignation of Libby Schaaf and termination of Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, and the San Francisco police officers who opened fire on Woods."

A sign reading “Black Health Matters.” is central to the protest, as are protestors tethered together on the Bridge.

Update: Despite plans to stay chained together for 96 minutes, the protests appear to have been broken up.

That appears to be in part due to arrests that the police have made. Approximately a dozen people appeared to have been detained, but a definite number has yet to come in.

Traffic, of course, will persist for a while.