BART riders in San Francisco were likely late getting home last night, after the transit agency had to shut down the tracks at Civic Center because a man was apparently walking on them. So who was this mysterious man? According to Twitter user Jason Solstice James, the guy you see on the right in the pictures above and below is the track hiker who left you stranded.

It was around 5:50 p.m. Thursday when BART police received reports of a man on the eastbound tracks between Powell and Civic Center Stations, the transit agency said in an alert to riders.

According to BART spokesperson Taylor Huckaby, the transit agency stopped area trains and shut down the tracks from to East Bay from San Francisco for about 20 minutes while they searched for the man.

“We had to briefly shut down tracks in order to apprehend that person and make sure that they were safely taken away,” he told the Chron.

By turning off the tracks, Huckaby noted, "the person and officers were not at risk of being electrocuted."

After police apprehended the man, he appears to have gotten a free ride, albeit a ride while cuffed to a BART cop. A call to BART this morning to see if the man had been charged was not returned at publication time.