I have often said that any budget deficits San Francisco might be suffering could be solved by sending SFTMA's transit enforcers to specific areas and ticketing every single stinkin' double-parker that they see. Since I live in the Outer Sunset, I direct my ire towards the shitshow between 24th and 19th on Irving and, when school lets out, on 18th between Irving and Judah — but I'm sure you have your favorites, too (name 'em in the comments)!

While our pal Stanley Roberts from KRON4 didn't have a ticket book on him, he didn't shy away from questioning some double-parkers in the Richmond District, some of whom even chose to leave their car in the road instead of pulling into an available slot. My favorite, though, is the guy who seems to be claiming that in Tracy, they don't have driveways. OK!

According to the SFMTA's updated fine list for 2016, each one of the offenders Stanley pointed out would have made the city $110. Let's see, if we're short $100 million, all we need are meter maids to ticket 909,091 of these folks and we'll be ahead!

Given the clusterfuck of double-parkers I see in my neighborhood alone, this feels very doable. However, given that for years and years it appears double-parking has gone unpunished in SF, getting called out on KRON might be the most punishment most of these scofflaws will suffer.