In a week marked by a severed foot discovered on the tracks at Downtown Berkeley, a terrifying shooting onboard a train at West Oakland, revelations that many BART train cameras are decoys and therefore failed to capture that shooting, and even a man disrupting service by taking a stroll on the tracks near Civic Center, a recent rider hardly managed to stand out with a full-sized kitchen appliance.

This would-be Maytag man took delivery matters into his own hands, wheeling a refrigerator onto a train in images of an incident that come to us from the folks on Reddit. The events were also seized upon by the Chronicle.

"Please keep luggage out of the way of fellow passengers," read BART's safety guidelines, "Luggage must never block walkways and doorways." Does this apply to appliances? Anyway, it looks like this was off-peak, so hey, suit yourself.

No word on how the man and his fridge got down onto the platform. Were the elevators... working? Now that would be weird.

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