BART police yesterday released photos of the man they believe shot and killed another passenger aboard a crowded BART train this past Saturday. The SFO-bound train was pulling up to the West Oakland stop around 7:45 p.m. when the shooting occurred, and police are now saying that, contrary to a previous report, it could have been a random act of violence after all.

Police describe the suspect as a 6' 2" black man with a shaved head in his late 20's or early 30's, and said he exited the BART system at the West Oakland station after the shooting.

"This is a pretty brazen, random act," Police Department Chief Kenton W. Rainey as explained during yesterday's press conference. He clarified that "[at] this point, it's unknown the relationship between the victim and the suspect."

Police believe the shooter had no interaction with the victim before killing him, notes ABC 7.

The Examiner reports that police have been unable to identify the victim, who is described as a young Latino man in his twenties.

When pressed if there was BART surveillance video of the shooting itself, Rainey refused to answer, and spoke of the general BART video system.

"We have a pretty robust camera system. We have cameras on our trains, we have cameras on the platforms," the BART Police Chief said.

BART Director Zakhary Mallett told ABC 7 that not all of the cameras you see on BART are real cameras, and that in fact an undisclosed number of them are decoys.

Police are asking anyone who may be able to indentify the suspect to contact their anonymous tip line at (510) 464-7011.

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