The location of Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan's recently completed manse on historic Liberty Hill in San Francisco, about two blocks away from Dolores Park, has until now been only discussed generally, out of respect for the couple's privacy. But a new dustup begun by some disgruntled neighbors over the parking spaces that Zuck's security detail permanently occupy on 21st Street, which SFist reported on yesterday via a letter leaked to BuzzFeed, has led the SF Chronicle to go ahead and publish the first photos of the finished house that we know of. Please don't stalk them, stalkers.

The new photos were shot for the Chronicle by one Anthony Falzone, who is not a Chronicle staff photographer but appears to have contributed here.* It does not appear that he has any connection to the letter to neighbors, which encouraged everyone to lodge complaints with the SFMTA about two silver SUVs that do not have neighborhood parking permits and never leave their curbside spaces.

Up until now, if you roamed the neighborhood or stalked around Google Streetview via various clues in the media (it's on 21st, on Liberty Hill proper, at Fair Oaks), you could have easily figured out that the home was this one shown below, under heavy construction for the better part of two years, and masked by tarps and scaffolding.

But the reportedly $10 million home is now finished, and even though the Zuckerberg-Chans likely aren't there full time — they also have a large home in Palo Alto, closer to Facebook HQ, and they just had a baby — there is round-the-clock security, and some security guards are probably sitting pretty in there most days watching TV on a sweet entertainment system.

So, I guess we're just publishing photos of the house now. This is what happens when you anger too many San Franciscan neighbors, clearly. But perhaps Zuck should consider himself lucky — as SFist contributor Beth Spotswood noted in 2014, the last time the neighborhood was up in arms over the constant construction at this house, "If this were in Pacific Heights, the Zuckerberg-Chans would be finding themselves knee-deep in a lawsuit from the Gettys."

Update: It's looks like the house directly next door is for sale! For a mere $5 mil. And no mention of who the neighbors are, of course.

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* This post has been corrected to show that this was not Anthony Falzone, in-house counsel for Pinterest.