Remember how we told you to feed your Christmas tree to the goats? Well, nix that plan.

As you might recall, local goat-powered landscaping company City Grazing had teamed up with the San Francisco Fire Department as part of the latter agency's responsible Christmas tree disposal plan. In short, the SFFD urged San Franciscans not to keep their dried-out and dead tree around where it'll burn your house down, or dump it on the street where some jackass will light it on fire and burn someone else's house down, but to instead feed it to City Grazing's flock of hungry beasts.

But even though City Grazing had said the goats would be eager to eat your tree through mid-December, this is San Francisco and everyone's a fucking foodie. According to City Grazing, despite expectations, their goats don't want any more of your holiday pine, fir, or spruce.

"My picky herd [is] already bored with X-mas trees," City Grazing General Manager Genevieve Church wrote to SFist Tuesday evening, and though she'd love people to come by and visit her goats on January 9th and 10th "I'd like those people to stop bringing us X-mas trees...we have reached capacity."

Church sends along the above photo of her goats disdaining several trees as proof of their saiety. Meanwhile, I sit here starving, as no one has brought me a breakfast burrito or even a stupid scone. MUST BE NICE, GOATS.

Anyway, you can still meet the goats this Saturday and Sunday, just dispose of your tree elsewhere. Meet the food snobs from 12-4 either day, at City Grazing's HQ at 100 Cargo Way, which is near the intersection of Cargo and Jennings, and "park in front of the goat mural."

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