It's late and you can't sleep. You're up thinking about the Big One — the inevitable quake coming for us all, at any moment in the minds of our mothers. But have you considered purchasing the equivalent of a bunker that closes like a flytrap to keep you sort of safe or something? The "Earthquake Bed," or rather the "Anti-Earthquake Bed," has come to CBS Local's attention after making waves on Gizmodo and Mentalfloss. Here it is now, above.

The soundtrack to this "demonstration," should tell you how real and actualized this concept is, which is to say not at all, but it is still capable of terrifying you. The gist: Your bed folds to become a sarcophagus survival chamber when disaster strikes, transforming into something like a bomb shelter with you inside it.

Designer Wang Wenxi received a Chinese patent for the bed in 2010 after earthquakes in Wenchuan and Yushu struck, collapsing buildings.

Here's hoping you've got a comfy mattress and sleep with good reading material under your pillow... because once this bed folds up it's just that and survival supplies until somebody can knock this thing open. How does that work, by the way? Anybody? Hello?!

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