After yesterday's rain, things are only set to get wetter. The National Weather Service predicts that not only will it rain throughout the day today and into the evening, but that the rainy weather will continue through the week and hit hard on Thursday.

The 90 percent chance of "heavy rain" tonight may come early enough to mess with your evening commute, but it should lighten up a little by tomorrow (NWS's helpful prediction for tomorrow: "A chance of rain before 10am, then a chance of showers after 10am").

Regardless of what the recent weather has done to your work shoes, the rain is certainly appreciated, and may be only the beginning with the predicted "Godzilla El Niño" theoretically set to dump on us over the coming months.

No matter what happens weather-wise in the remainder of the month, we likely won't touch the record set a year ago when we had the wettest December ever recorded (which was quickly followed by the driest January ever recorded).

Expect to hear recent arrivals confused and bewildered as the week's storm drags on.

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