The Bay Area's own Natasha Giraudie reckons to the Chronicle that she's produced more than 2,000 short films in 30 countries while working for humanitarian organizations like the Clinton Global Initiative. But these days Giraudie is refocusing her talents — and her camera — on San Francisco with Let’s Get Street Smart, a series of micro-documentaries bringing a fresh perspective to the crisis of homelessness San Franciscans experience every day.

The first two three-minute videos just dropped with more on the way, and I'm glad to say they're thoughtful, punchy, and hopeful. That's in part due to their focus on people who work to help those in need — so far the Homeless Prenatal Program and Lava Mae's mobile shower program.

“I love how, in San Francisco, creativity meets caring,” Giraudie told the Chron. “And you cannot walk down the streets in the city anymore without confronting homelessness, so I just thought, ‘How can I inspire people to help?’ That’s how I came up with these films.”

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