As crews on Baker Beach continue to haul truckloads of debris, plastic bread trays, and bits of styrofoam insulation from one 40-foot shipping container that washed up and broke apart nearby, two more have been spotted in the area according to ABC7.

Just outside the Golden Gate last Friday night, the Manoa, an 810-foot cargo ship operated by Matson Navigation Co., hit 19-foot waves upon embarking from Oakland for Seattle. That swept 12 shipping containers, mostly empty into the Bay — one of them broadsiding the ship.

Coast Guard lieutenant Jake Urrutia tells Bay City News that on a morning flyover another container was spotted near shore about a mile south of the Pacifica Pier. A third has been seen partially submerged just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. The shipping company believes most of their cargo containers sank while a few were buoyed by styrofoam insulation.

Matson spokesman Keoni Wagner said the company now has cleanup crews in Pacifica as well as Baker Beach “We’ve mobilized a lot of people,” Wagner said. “We’re firstly focused on cleaning up the coastline but also working closely with the Coast Guard to track any other containers that may have floated."

Edward Sherman of San Francisco was a witness to the container in Pacifica as it beached yesterday. "It eventually tore open," he said, "you could see the metal straining and it tore open, so birds started to swarm and I figured there was probably food in there and then you started to see the trays in the water and then they eventually washed up on the shore."

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