Everybody who's anybody — Giants catcher Buster Posey, Gold Medal figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, even Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil — seems to be wasting water in the East Bay. A new fad among the rich, an insouciant wastefulness is all the rage. Fountains! Golf courses! Bidets! These folks just can't help themselves.

“The message we’re trying to communicate is focused on water conservation, we’re not trying to be punitive,” East Bay Municipal Utility District spokesperson Abby Figueroa told KRON4. “It’s meant to be a wake up call. It could be a lot higher, but today it’s not.”

Indeed, "Après moi, le déluge" seems to be the delusional sentiment among 1,802 customers of the East Bay Municipal Utility District, the Chronicle writes. That's the number who, during the last 60-day billing cycle used more than a cap of roughly 1,000 gallons of water per day, far more than the household average of 300 and 400 gallons daily. Again, that's folks like A’s general manager Billy Beane — who again topped the list of over-users though he brought his consumption down to just 3,500 gallons. Beane maintains he had a leaky irrigation system during the last period. Not touching that one.

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