What a couple of punks these kids are. In fact, this very particular set of them might be recognizable from Billie Joe Armstrong's hair alone.

This is Green Day, the year is 1990, and the location is his and bassist Mike Dirnt's East Bay alma mater, Pinole Valley High School.

As Laughing Squid came across on Reddit, classmate Mickey Estes — lovingly, somewhat terribly — shot the whole 90-minute concert on a VHS camcorder. Let's say it's punk filmmaking.

Here are the track listenings as faithful recorded by uploader Leo Dyke:

00:00 Going To Pasalacqua
03:31 At The Library
06:33 409 In Your Coffee Maker
10:07 16
14:29 The Judge's Daughter
17:30 Road To Acceptance
21:28 Knowledge [Operation Ivy]
24:22 Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
27:37 1000 Hours
30:36 Don't Leave Me [Incomplete]
- In between the point of the broken bass pedal [31:46] Billie Joe plays a few solo songs. None complete though. They include a very short version of the intro to World Vs. World [Unreleased Song] and again a very short version of The Judge's Daughter.-
34:25 Rest
35:31 Paper Lanterns
38:52 Disappearing Boy
40:42 I Don't Know [Ozzy, within Disappearing Boy]
41:07 Disappearing Boy [Back into it, from I Don't Know]
42:19 At The Library [Again]
45:06 I Was There
48:48 Dry Ice

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