A Bay Area man underwent a pretty crushing experience Monday, when he was dumped into a garbage truck while sleeping peacefully in a dumpster behind a Fremont restaurant.

A Fremont Police spokesperson says that the man was sleeping in a trash can at around 6:45 Monday morning, when the bin was picked up by a passing garbage truck.

According to police spokesperson Geneva Bosques, “the male luckily survived two cycles of compaction before deciding to climb out of the truck,” and was transported to an area hospital for a medical examination. He is expected to recover from the crushing, but remains in care on a "mental health hold."

The man “is very lucky to have survived,” Bosques says.

Bosques says that the man was known to Fremont police, and had "several outstanding warrants." She says that due to his mental health issues, however, he won't be facing any charges at this time.