Who was that vigilante that tagged the former Fizzary (a Mission Street artisanal soda shop that failed for some reason) with accurate descriptors such as "Illegal Nightclub" and "Dangerous?" None other than the space's lessee: Sodaman and Fizzary owner Taylor Peck.

“I’m in a really frustrating situation and this was a last ditch effort to get some assistance/attention,” Peck wrote in an email to Capp Street Crap as part of his continuing cry for help.

Peck has apparently subleased the space at 2949 Mission to an individual or group over whom he has lost any semblance of control. The Fizzary, where illegal gambling has allegedly been rampant, even played host to a shooting, but police can't — or won't — shut the place down for good, says Peck. Most recently, he claims that after blowing the building's fuses, the occupants have been employing a gasoline generator, presenting a fire and carbon monoxide hazard.

What's more, Mission Local heard from neighboring Coco Frio's owner Manny Torres. There's action constantly from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., he says: “Every night there’s a party, every night they get arrested, and the next morning they get let go."

Last, and perhaps of most concern, an anonymous source tells Mission Local that he witnessed what appeared to be prostitution when he entered the space. For this source's part, he claims the venue appeared to be a legal nightclub, complete with a bouncer and pat-down.

"There were two or three middle-aged women wearing mini-skirts that kept going up and down the stairs,” he said. “After a while, we got curious and went upstairs and saw the gambling, cocaine use, and in a dark room the ladies were offering oral sex.”

Can it be stopped? Sodaman, is there anything else you can do? “The best thing he can do is when it’s happening, make the call,” SFFD spokesperson Mindy Talmadge said. That goes for us too, it seems.

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