"Who the hell is trying to get in my house?" asks YouTube user LotsOfRobotsINC, aka Castro resident Andy Murdoch. But while no one knows the answer, the situation is odd enough that the San Francisco Police Department is giving the be-wigged doorbell ringer you see above and below a closer look.

Murdoch, who took the video you see below, says that this wig-wearing stranger has been visiting his home and ringing his bell since early October, most recently at 2:51 on Friday morning.

"There's lots of people wearing wigs in the Castro. Some of them are fabulous. This one changes from time to time. So there's a straight blonde wig, and then there's a curly black wig. But it's all a disguise to me, I don't really care why they're wearing it," Murdoch tells ABC7, saying that his neighbors say the many-tressed person has made stops at their homes, too.

In another video, you see the same wig aficionado enter another area residence, and ABC7 reports that the person "seems to be casing homes in the Castro and Ingleside neighborhoods."

It's unclear if the bell ringer has actually stolen anything so far, but according to ABC7, the San Francisco Police Department isn't taking any chances: Ingleside Station's captain told them that "a special investigator" has been assigned to investigate the many-tressed case.