Those creepy spiked baseball bats that appeared across San Francisco Thursday were apparently not a Thanksgiving Day prank, as even more appeared as of Friday morning, police say — but they still have no idea WTF they're supposed to communicate.

As previously reported, officers from the San Francisco Police Department had been called to 15 locations across the city Thursday on reports of metal and wooden bats with spikes, nails, and bolts protruding from them chained to utility poles.

By Friday afternoon, SFPD spokesperson Sergeant Michael Andraychak says that "27 incidents have been reported from various locations in San Francisco," with the most recent one "in the Fishermen's' Wharf area."

In addition to the Stonestown discovery reported yesterday, ABC7 reports that a bat turned up at Mission and Rolph in Crocker-Amazon, with a witness saying "It's pretty bizarre and it's weird that there's so many all over the city, but at least they're not going around swinging at people."

Hoodline reports that "readers have noted bats sighted near Trax Bar on Haight Street, in the Lower Haight, and outside Zeitgeist on Valencia."

While these bats hardly constitute the crime of the century, they are indeed odd. And according to Andraychak, "since the bats have been altered with spikes," SFPD is investigating them as prohibited/deadly weapons "which would be a felony under State law."

Andraychak asks that anyone with information on the bat battiness call SFPD's Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or to text them a tip at TIP411, just begin the message with "SFPD."

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