ABC 7 got the first victim on the phone from the November 13th tour bus collision in Union Square, and he described the scary experience of being in one of the several vehicles that the double-decker bus smashed into as it came to a stop near Stockton and Post.

Dr. Manuel Canga, like many drivers not too familiar with San Francisco, was driving with his brother and a friend in a white BMW when he missed a turn on his way to an embassy, and ended up stuck driving through the mess of Union Square. Canga, who's an internist from Newman, California, outside Modesto, said he "just heard a big bang" and said, "Oh my god! What's happening?" He then had to try to revive his brother who had passed out in the collision, saying, "We have to get out of this car because it's smoking."

Luckily it sounds like no one in his vehicle was seriously injured, but he hints at a potential lawsuit saying that he's had trouble sleeping at night, and has arm and leg injuries. Having learned that the bus was unregistered with the state, he said, "It's very upsetting because it could have been prevented."

The crash injured 20 people, several of them critically, and the current condition of the critically injured is unclear at this time — at least three remained critical as of last week. As NBC Bay Area reported last week, City Sightseeing, which operated the bus, could face hefty fines and could potentially have its operating license revoked over the incident.

Mechanical failure appears to have been the cause of the crash.

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