The Golden State Warriors are having an incredible opening to their first season as NBA champs in 40 years, having already won their first 15 games in a row. They've also outscored their opponents by a total of 216 points in those 15 games, which is the fifth-largest margin in NBA history according to Now they have a record to beat for the longest winning streak by any team at the start of the season, a record they've now tied with two other teams: the Houston Rockets of 1993-94 and the Washington Capitols of 1948-49.

Tonight, playing a home game in the notorious Roaracle Arena in Oakland against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors have a chance to make history with a 16th consecutive win. Thus, tickets for tonight's game were going for crazy prices as of yesterday.

And it should be noted that they've already broken the Boston Celtics' 1957 record for most straight wins by a defending champion team, which was 14.

NPR News talked to the Merc's basketball writer Diamond Leung about who deserves credit for the Warriors' performance so far, and he says it's largely coach Steve Kerr and the prepping he did with the team in the off season before taking leave for back surgery. "Luke Walton, the interim coach that's filled in for Steve Kerr, has done a great job, really, helping things along in communicating Kerr's message," Leung says.

Incidentally, Walton just had his 2014 Mercedes-Benz stolen in Oakland last Tuesday, but they caught the guy.

And he says that comparisons to the legendary '72 Lakers will begin soon if the Warriors' momentum continues. The Lakers won 33 straight games during that season.

"This is a team that's gone out and just overwhelmed the competition, showing really no signs of weaknesses," says Leung. "They have the MVP. They have clearly the best team in the NBA right now."

Well, no one wants to jinx it. But tip off is at 7:30 p.m. tonight, and you may want to consult SFist's list from a few months ago of The 14 Best Bars Wherein To Watch The Warriors.

As adds, "The game falls on Hardwood Classics Night, as the Warriors will wear their 'The City' jerseys and longtime Warriors’ fan favorite Jason Richardson will be acknowledged and celebrated."

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