We all hold certain San Francisco truths to be self-evident: Rent in SF is expensive, and street parking is hard to come by. So it's difficult to figure out what was going through the above note writer's head when he or she left this missive on an Inner Sunset resident's car Friday night.

According to Instagram user ricohighroller, she sometimes parks her compact car in the small parking space mentioned in the note. The letter writer apparently has a larger car he or she would like to park in the space/spilling into the adjacent driveway, instead.

How demanding must your job/how high would your rent have to be before you'd demand that your neighbor leave a street parking space open for you? Do people who drive smaller cars have a social responsibility to make room for those driving big ones? What's all that "karma" and "universe" stuff about? The mind boggles.

The note, in full:

Hello there, I actually live in the building you are parked in front of. I have a very demanding job with a crazy schedule + my rent is not cheap. You (being so small) have a million more opportunities to park than I do. I would appreciate it if you left this tiny gift of a parking space that the universe has given me as I have permission to block the driveway. Around the corner there are 6 places you can fit none of which I can. If you can find it in your heart to leave this for me Karma + I will appreciate it more than you know.