As stories continue to trickle back from ex-pats and American travelers who had scary brushes with death during Friday's terrorist attack in Paris, ABC 7 reports on a Santa Rosa couple, Jamie and Shane Keck-Crozat, newlyweds who were at the tail end of a two-week honeymoon in France, who like many others were out to dinner in the 11th Arrondissement when the attacks took place. They say they were out with friends at a restaurant just two blocks away from the Bataclan concert hall where the deadliest scene of carnage took place, and they ended up on lockdown inside the restaurant for the next three hours.

"They said 'we can't let anyone leave, we're on lockdown' and they immediately closed all the curtains, locked the doors," says Jamie Keck-Crozat. "They were throwing grenades into restaurants and shooting into restaurants and because we were so close to the area not knowing if the terror was done."

Later, as things quieted down but terror still reigned in the streets, they hurried back safely to their hotel, and then found nervous crowds at the airport trying to leave the city Saturday morning.

They say their hearts go out to all those who "weren't so lucky, who were at the wrong place at the wrong time," including Cal State Long Beach student Nohemi Gonzalez, who was killed at the Petit Cambodge restaurant along with multiple others.