Local trans woman and all around eccentric Shannon Pat is an occasional fixture in the LGBTQ nightlife scene in San Francisco, though not many who meet her get to know much about her. A few years ago I ran into her at Booty Call one night when she was generally have a great time, and a few drinks, and handing out roughly ripped, inkjet-printed self-portraits of various kinds. I took five or six.

Shannon, 66, lives in the Oakland Hills — British filmmaker Joseph Wilson notes that her "ramshackle" home, which is stuffed with mannequins, wigs, art, and various detritus, is worth $2 million. She could be considered an artist herself, one who uses herself and her body as a canvas. "I love big hair," she says in the trailer, which you can see below, "I think it's really cool, it turns me on. I guess I have a bad hair fetish." She sports a look that is somewhere between 1980s heavy metal video love interest and severe San Francisco drag, and she owns it.

Now Wilson has made a 90-minute documentary about her which premiered at Queer Show and Tell, an LGBTQ film fest in the UK. The above short, via Nowness, comes from that.