TAG Heuer makes the kind of timepieces that might last a lifetime, and after that, even become family heirlooms. But now the company is trying its hand in an industry marked by the kind of leapfrogging technology — and even planned obsolesce — that can make antiques of the next big thing practically overnight.

CNET reports that the 155-year-old Swiss luxury watchmaker has announced its "Connected Watch," a product developed with Google's Android Wear software that's also compatible with the iPhone. The titanium offering is available at $1,500 and obviously wants to be an Apple Watch killer.

The Verge explains that the Connected has a display that's easily legible in direct sunlight and is what they're calling by the fun new portmanteau "transflective." However, don't expect this watch to do much more than tell the time — and that for only 25 hours at a time, after which the device must be charged.

Nope, there's none of the GPS tracking capabilities that, say, keep tabs on walking and running, nor are there the NFC innovations seen on competitors that allow for mobile payments — but it does, like the Apple Watch, let you do things like receive texts via a connected phone, and check the weather. So, for a company whose motto is "Swiss Avant-Garde," this all feels pretty après-garde, non?

Well, in case the thing feels especially obsolete at the end of its two-year warranty, Tag Heuer is offering to let customers exchange it for a mechanical watch at that point — the similarly designed TAG Heuer Carrera — although you'll have to plunk down an additional $1,500 for that exchange.

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