Remember the guy who robbed a bank in Santa Cruz earlier this year, dressed as a woman in disguise? Brandon Calantoc, the man behind what was dubbed the "Mrs. Doubtfire Bank Robbery" is in trouble again after fleeing a treatment facility in San Francisco.

CBS SF reports that Calantoc walked out of a drug treatment assessment at the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco on October 28, which violated the terms of his temporary release, said Santa Cruz county probation officer Fernando Girlado. Detectives found Calantoc again on Thursday at a house near Higgins Park in Pacific Grove, and arrested him with no problems, Monterey police Cmdr. Michael Bruno said. At the house, detectives found a long black wig among Calantoc's belongings.

According to Giraldo, Calantoc had been granted temporary release from jail, and was driven up to SF to be assessed for Delancey Street's program as part of the probation department's investigation assessment of Giraldo's sentence. But while in the waiting room, Giraldo, who was only supposed to be out of custody for a few hours, just took off, and made his way back to the Monterey Peninsula.

Calantoc has another addition to his rap sheet this week too; he was also charged with bringing 2.1 grams of individually packaged heroin into jail and for possessing a controlled substance for sale, Bruno said.

Santa Cruz County Assistant District Attorney Ross Taylor said that Calantroc now faces up to five years and eight months in prison. The real Mrs. Doubtfire would never have done such a thing!

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