It turns out that the majority of Yes on F and Yes on I votes in Tuesday's election came, perhaps not surprisingly, from District 9, which includes most of the Mission and all of Bernal Heights.

The Chronicle has broken down how much of the Yes vote came from each district, and in both the cases of the Airbnb measure (F) and the moratorium on Mission development (I), the only parts of town were the votes neared or topped 50 percent were in the Mission and Bernal, and in the case of I, District 5 also had about a 50 percent showing too. The vote for F in District 9 just hit 50 percent, with Districts 3 and 5 also voting Yes at about 48 percent.

As the Chron notes, the precincts that went overwhelmingly for Prop F, like the Mission and Western Addition, also happen to be hotbeds for Airbnb rentals. But residents in Visitacion Valley, Bayview, Ingleside, and the Portola were all adamantly opposed, likely swayed, in part, by Airbnb's campaign about neighbors spying on neighbors.

Also, interestingly, despite the passion for the two issues in and around the Mission, the neighborhood had voter turnout right around the city average of 30 percent. The neighborhoods with highest turnout were in Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, and Noe Valley.

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